There is an old saying “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”.  When it comes to saying foolish things I am certainly no exception.  I might suggest that I have been better than most at the art of being foolish. And while those of you who know or have known me will attest to this, I hope that among the tomes of nonsense that have escaped the recesses of my consciousness there have been the occasional bon mots.

This site/blog is my attempt at sharing the stories that have been constructed from the pieces of many life times of experience.  I have used facts that sometimes are the bases for an entire story. Sometimes they are the core for an embellishment that underwrite a  fable.  I am of course speaking of the fictional stories and not the rants or observations that concern the issues that are topical… or not.

I do not suggest that these latter prognostications are static opinions or analyses that are never undulating, change is after all a more permanent fixture of reality than the stars.  This then is the raison d’etre  for the existence of this virtual space.  You are free to object, contradict, point-out and above all question everything found herein.

In fact, I wish you would! Or in the words of Dirty Harry:

Go ahead — make my day!


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