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Did you ever have a speacial song you shared with your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend and it somehow encapsulated your relationship? Maybe it reminded you of a particular event or circumstance that was important to both of you? Well whatever it was that had you calling a particular piece of music "our" song, it stuck in your head perhaps like the memory of him or her.

I think that there is a rich repertoire of music out there that we can identify with and it is to this end that I have compiled a list of those songs that were emblematic in some way of the people with whom I share a portion of my life. Originally I was going to include the individuals' first names but I decided that might be "inappropriate" and so I will just include their initials. If there are any of you out there who happen upon this site and who are part of this modest list, I'm certain you'll know who you are, if not from the initials then by the song.

This list begins in 1972 and ends today. If I missed anyone I apologize, drop me a line and I will include you. If you don't want to be on the list drop me a line and I will remove you. Hell just dropped me a line, it would be great to hear from you... I hope.


TL, CSc, DM, LL, AK, KP, LSa, HD


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